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My favorite breed of cat(Beside Himalayan Persian)

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This cat is a very intelligent breed. They are very playful, but still gentle.


The unimportant part

I LOVE animals! To some of my old friends, I am “The quiet, wild boy.” I was like a prodigy of wild life. When I was young I used to study animal behaviors through books, and also spent hours in my backyard watching birds, squirrels, and many other “creatures,” watching how they communicated with each other, what they ate, how they looked like….As a kid who couldn’t even concentrate on his favorite TV show for half-an hour, this was phenomenal(?).

My Pets…and their stories~

I had always wanted to become a biologist or a vet in America. This is why I spent so much time studying animals. I have had(So far in 2010 May) 110 pets, each with funny stories. My first pet was a guinea pig. I do not remember what I named it…..was it something like Beauty-_-;;? Then I had two goldfish. I asked an “uncle” in my neighborhood to feed them while I was gone with my family to a trip in Hawaii. Apparently, the fat old man was too lazy to come ONCE-A-WEEK and drop a few flakes in the tank for the fish, so he just poured the whole bottle of food in on the first day. When I came back the fish were literally on their backs with gooey, black bellies that had holes in them. Their stomachs had popped~

Next I had an American Golden Retriever, which I named Poochie. He was just a few weeks old. There wasn’t anything funny with him, besides the fact that my mom gave him away exactly 10 days after we got him. The same time I had Poochie, I bumped my eyes and got an eye infection from the pool. My parents thought it was dog fur allergy and gave my puppy away. I found a picture I took with him on the last day, and I wore those cute sunglasses because my eyes were all black.

When I was a bit older, I started going to the petshop every day with my mom. I still despise the fact that there are no descent petstores here in Korea. Anyways, I got so friendly with the people that worked there, and I learned so much about the pets there that I worked at the petshop when I was in fifth grade. I definitely helped a lot, and it was a great experience. I started going to four different places: Petcompanies, which was in macey’s, Pet’smart next to BJ, the one in valley fair, and the fortlee petshop.

Pets….I then got two little turtles(in about third grade). I do not remember what kind, but they were cute and little, and from China Town in Manhattan. I did not know how to care for them properly that time, and they both froze to death during the winter.

One day I was walking in front of my house with my parent’s friend, and I spied a snail with a yellow shell. It was very cute. I brought it home and named it Gary. At that time I thought all snails should be named Gary, just like in SpongeBob. I played with it and fed it what it seemed to like. After a few days, I forgot to put it back in its snail container and saw it crawling on the table. I thought the snail was too slow to go anywhere while I went to the bathroom, and I went. Later I forgot about the snail and lived my young life. At night I saw the empty container and freaked out. I could not find the snail anywhere. After sixth grade(two/three years later), when I was packing to move to Korea, I found the dead snail all dried up under the couch. It looked like a walnut.

Next I got two Cinammon Russian hamsters. I named them Cinammon and Cocoa. On the night I got my hamsters, I slept in the living room. I woke up at 2am and went to my room. In the dark I saw red eyes floating around. When I turned the lights on I noticed Cinammon had squeezed itself through the bars of the cage and got out. It was climbing all around the cage. I had also lost Cocoa once. I do not remember how, but I found it three days later under my drawer. My closest friend, who had two sisters, also got hamsters that time. One of her sisters gave me her hamster. I do not remember why. Coincidentally, its name was Brownie. Cinammon, Cocoa, and Brownie – all things to eat. One day I went to that friend’s house and played, came back home, and saw something terrible. It was summer…in New Jersey. Sometimes it got up to 98 degrees. My mom had put the hamster cage outside on a shelf that we intended to throw away but kept as permanent trash, which was in direct sunlight. The three hamsters got fried. Fried hamsters. Flavors: Cinammon, cocoa, and brownie. Their eyes were black and they were all fried up. I did not know how to thank my mom. Cocoa even had babies in her little hamster tummy. She was pregnant. Either because she was about to give birth or whatever, I was able to see little squirmy things inside Cocoa’s belly. The babies?! I called the friend I had mentioned before, took the fried+pregnant hamster, and dipped it in a cup of water. I took it out and rolled a wooden chopstick on its stomach, thinking the babies would come out of the mother’s mouth. They did not.

I then got two fire bellied-toads. I named them Flame and Tornado because one had red eyelids, and one had blue eyelids. My friend and I played around with them in the tub, and we even trained them to dive on our commands(although I don’t know if toads had ears). I think I had been living in a weird world that time. Those died and I got two more toads, those died and then I got fire-bellied newts. Four of them. I kept those alive for almost 8 months, which is a lot for newts living in tanks. I then got many guppies. This made my hundred and third pet.

In sixth grade I got a large turtle with a shell about the size of my entire hand. I named it Shelly. I also had a blue Chinese Fighting Fish. When I brought it home I put it in a bowl with water on the kitchen table and went outside to play with the friend I mentioned previously(Our family never used the kitchen table for eating). When we came inside the fish had jumped out of the bowl and onto the floor. Mysteriously, it had landed on tissue. That was funny, but I still worried that it would die. The funnier thing was that my mom told me “She was like that for the past hour.” I quickly put it back in the bowl and it began swimming around. It was a miracle…I named it “miracle.”

In the middle of fifth grade I had also gotten a Himalayan Persian cat. I named it Sunny because the person who gave it to me explained that it would grow to have a mix of orange, brown, and yellow fur. She was a very nice cat. She never scratched or hurt anything. When I put it with my hamsters, it ran away. I had never seen a cat afraid of hamsters. I had Sunny for a long time, and then got her a friend. It was a male Russian Blue. He was about two weeks old. I watched it learn to walk and run, but he was very different from Sunny. He was a normal cat with a nasty attitude.

In Korea I got four budgies, and currently have a Russian Blue named Ruby. I am planning to get a sugar glider when I move in August, and give my cat away. These were the funny stories of my pets.


Posted on: March 1, 2010

I was flipping through the channels…and I saw something amazing~

It was something like this…

This is a house….made by white ants<-termites.

It is incredible how little ants can make something like this. And it doesn’t even take a day to make. All the termites that live together have their own jobs, and they know exactly where to stand and build. Watching the process of ants making a house is so unbelievably AWESOME that I think there should be a movie on ants-_-!

If this termite house was rationed to the size of humans and human buildings, it would be SEVEN times larger than the Korean 6-3 building!!!

The right shows a better visual of the size of termite houses.

These are weaver ants “weaving” their house. They are also incredible.

There are hundreds of weaver ants that live together in one house, and they all know exactly where to stand on a leaf. Then, working together, they roll a large leaf into their house. They all work together like this(bottom)(ew). All the hundreds of ants have to work together at the right time, and if one ant accidentally lets go, the whole leaf will unroll itself.

This is a cartoon from anthill cartoons.


Cluster Map