Rubber Bands?

Posted on: May 31, 2010

Many people have tons of rubber bands in their kitchen drawer. Besides just sealing little bags of chips, there are other useful tips on how to use rubber bands. These are some that I got from yahoo, and I also came up with some of my own uses for rubber bands.

From Yahoo:
– Wrapping a rubber band around a can of paint at the same level as the amount of paint that is left on the inside
– Folding it into a little eraser for pencil doodles
– Looping a band around the neck of a soap dispenser to limit amount of use at once
– Wrapping a rubber band vertically around the cover and page of a book you’re reading to create a bookmark
– Wrapping cords to prevent them from tangling
– Binding knobs with rubber bands around cabinets to keep them shut(so babies can’t open them)
– Wrapping base of remote control so it doesn’t slide off your sofa
– Wrapping a rubber band around a roll of toilet paper to keep your pets from pawing at it
– Wrapping several rubber bands around shampoo containers so that they don’t slip out of your hands in the shower
– Reassembling wedges of a cut apple using rubber bands to slow down the browning process
My ideas:
– At home I like to have my own cup to drink out of. When I drink out of a cup that has nine twin cups(like the glass cups that come in sets), leave it at the sink, and come back to find two identical cups instead of one, I feel “unsafe” and decide to take out a new cup.  This makes me use too many different cups in one day when I can manage using about three. So I came up with the idea of wrapping different colored rubber bands around each of the cups so your family knows which cup to use(and not to use).
– Another use I thought of was for the tissue box. When a tissue box gets old, the hole gets wider and weaker. I thought putting a rubber band around each end of the box and making the hole smaller by moving the bands in would help keep the tissues from falling into the box.


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