Money Money Money

Posted on: May 27, 2010

According to Yahoo, there are four easy ways to help make and save money. The first way is through a site called This place is for selling old books, DVD’s, cd’s, video games, etc. If I sold my two shelves of boring books, box full of old games, and my dad’s shelf of CD’s he bought for fun, I would become a millionaires.
The second way to save money is by collecting all your coins and spare change into a jar. At the end of every few months, you can see how large they can add up to. You can change these coins at the bank or dump them in coinstar machines and use the change for gift cards, shopping budget, etc. I remember going to the coinstar at foodemporium every once in a while in America. It was a lot of fun watching the coins drop into the little holes for about ten minutes.
Another way to earn money is using your hobby as your work. For example, if you like sewing dolls, making T-shirts, making jewelry, playing around with graphic design, or making your own pottery, you can sell your products at Zazzle, Cafepress, or Craigslist.
The last way to earn money is by gathering all your useless belongings and selling them on or on ebay.


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