My Phobias

Posted on: March 22, 2010

What is a phobia???


Some of my phobias….Achluophobia, a fear of darkness. Now I am okay, but I was overly afraid of the dark when I was younger. Even in middle school I was afraid to be in a room with no lights. Another one of my early phobias is acousticophobia, fear of loud noises. The woman who used to live on the floor above our old house always made loud noises. I always heard “THUD THUD RUMBLE THUD” and it was verrrrry scary. Acrophobia, a common phobia; a fear of heights. I remember walking on the second floor of Macy’s, looking down through the glass on the railings and getting goose bumps. Although I am afraid of heights, I looove things like bungee jumping. In Seoul Land(in Korea), there is a ride called “Sky-X.” It’s a ride where you drop yourself from 80 meters and swoop through the air. I do not know how it is possible to be afraid of heights and like bungee jumping. Something I still have is arachnophobia, a fear of spiders. This is a common fear along with entomophobia, a fear of insects. I do not remember all these names, I just know I don’t like spiders and heights and noises and insects and……More phobias: amathophobia(fear of dust), anginophobia(fear of choking or narrowness), and scoleciphobia(fear of worms).


I think I can describe my personality with some other phobias. Why am I so sensitive? I think it is because of agliophobia(fear of pain) and basophobia(fear of falling). For example, when it rains I am afraid I will slip on a slippery surface, so I avoid or walk very slowly on sewer covers. Since I can remember I have never slipped, thanks to my phobias. Another set of phobias that describe me is doxophobia(fear of expressing opinions or of receiving praise) and scriptophobia(fear of writing in public). For people who do not know me very well, I AM NOT SHY! Also, I used to get lower grades on in-class essays than on essays done for homework because I “fear” that people around me are watching my writing. Now I know that nobody cares about my essays, and scriptophobia is a very stupid thing-_-;;. One simple word that can define me is polyphobia, a fear of many things. With that one word I can replace this whole post.


Hobophobia, a fear of bums or beggars. I am not such a bad person; when I see beggars I always want to help them(THAT IS TRUE). However, they do look a bit freaky. Another one is peladophobia, a fear of bald people. I am not offending anyone, but it is very true for myself. I’ve had a funny experience at a pool in America. A bald man was trying to push me into the pool, and I got so scared at his baldness that I ended up crying….and jumping into the pool before he touched me.


All these phobias I mentioned earlier are not very big for me. They may not even be phobias at all, but have definitions that define my fears. However, there are two things that bother my life very often. Metallophobia and textophobia. The former one is a fear of metals, and the latter is a fear of certain fabrics. I have almost never touched any type of accessories because of my fear of metals. I do not know how or why, but just seeing them makes me uncomfortable and dizzy. Especially when eating or drinking, accessories make me want to puke. There are many other kinds of metals that I do not like, but they are mostly accessories such as necklaces, rings, chains, etc. I am also very sensitive to certain fabrics. I think the color of the fabrics also have effects on me. Some seem okay, while others seem…gross. I remember having trouble in second grade for an year because the new sofa our family brought in was very repelling of me. These two phobias have gotten better, but they still bother me a lot.

So…do we have anything in common?


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